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  1. Hello Myself Balendu, I have started my journey one year back. At that I'm new and have no idea about blog and WordPress. I asked some people and watched many videos to make my work easy. I have used many free themes and plugins on my blog. But they didn't satisfied me. Then moved forward and looking for premium themes. Many people suggest me many themes but problem is that either they are too costly or not a cool looking. Then I heard about Mythemeshop. I visited on this website and see many cool and amazing themes and plugins. I decided to buy one of them and I choose Magnus theme for Blog. For god shake It is my first premium theme and I am not happy to see it layout. But thanks for Bhanu Sir who did wonder job to make me happy through personal email. I think no one does it like bhanu sir. Again after some thime I bought New theme called Purple. It was my best selection and it fulfills my requirements. I am running this theme since last 6+ months. It's really amazing and responsive. Although, I Face some problems related to design and layout but that have been shoted out through support. The best part of this community is Fast Support by support team members who help you at that manner in which you want. They also suggest alternative solution for your problem. Seeing all that and analysing all other community, I found Mythemeshop has the best and decent price in the market. Recently, I bought extended membership of Mythemeshop and I ham quite happy to be a member of Mythemeshop community. Thanks for great support by all support team members. Specially to Bhanu Sir who give me right and genuine Ideas time to time. Now I am the member of one of the leading Theme & Plugin Community. Cheers....
  2. I am using mythemeshop theme since last 3 months. I found it has great layout. It customisation is little bit tough but not so hard. If you add some extra easy layout in future will be helpful to all user. Overall performance and speed of theme is bettter and look is also good. From my side giving 5 🌟 for support form moderator. Regards
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