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  1. The support team answered my questions quickly and efficiently. They provided me with a few custom written CSS scripts that tailored my WP quiz to what I needed it to be! Thank you!
  2. Yes that's it! Thank you! It is so much better now! There's just one last little thing. Now the answersWrapper is centered, but the question image is on the left. Is it possible to center the question image as well? If you look at fruitsinsuits.com/kids with a wide browser it will be obvious what I mean.
  3. That's definitely a step in the right direction! The images already look so much better! Is it possible to have the box that contains the images to not over scale as well? So basically the grey box that contains the image and the word would not scale over 200 width at any resolution. Part of what I'm looking for is that the answer images remain underneath the question image. I wish I could include some screen shots but I'm not sure how... hopefully what I said makes sense. Thanks again!
  4. No need for a video. Earlier in this thread I was provided with a little piece of CSS to stop the question image from scaling over 100%. It is as follows: .wq-question-image img { width: auto; } That worked great! All I need is a similar bit of CSS that stops the answer images from scaling over 100% as well. The answers should not ever get bigger than 200 pixels across. That’s all. So I was guessing it would be something like: .wq-answer-image img { width: auto; } So no need for a video. You can open the link, https://fruitsinsuits.com/kids, and see for yourself that the answer images are filling the width of the page. I’m hoping to make them not do that. It depends on the width you have your browser at. If you make your browser very wide then the problem becomes very obvious. Does that make sense now?
  5. Sure thing! Here it is: https://fruitsinsuits.com/kids/ So the multiple choice answers over scale past 100% so you can see pixelation. I'd like to avoid that. I could make the page width smaller but I want the images to never scale past 100 at all resolutions. Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. Thanks for the clarification on where to put the CSS. So I’m also having a problem with the answer images in the multiple choice version of the quiz scaling beyond 100% as well. How would I go about fixing that? I tried just adding: .wq-answer-image img { width: auto; } but turns out that class identifier doesn’t exist. Hopefully its as simple as you telling me the correct class identifier for the answer images in a multiple choice trivia quiz type.
  7. Hey were you going to answer my questions in the previous post? Mainly what I need answered is: Where can I enter the CSS code you sent?
  8. Thanks for the CSS code! Is there a field I can enter it in? Other products I've used have an additional CSS field but I can't find it on WP quiz. As far as the original problem goes, I'm not really comfortable providing my login information at this time, even if it is only viewable by mythemeshop admin. I have two workarounds at the moment: one is to simply link to the quiz its self, rather than to a page with it on it. The other workaround is to add the image manually to the webpage with the quiz. Basically the quiz seems to work fine if I'm not using the shortcode within a webpage. One final question on the original problem: if/when I upgrade to the pro version of the quiz, do you think there is a chance that the upgrade will solve the problem? Thanks!
  9. Sorry but I have no idea how to copy "wp-quiz-pro/templates/global/quiz-open.php" to "your-child-theme/wp-quiz/global/quiz-open.php". Also, I gotta be honest, I'm not sure what you mean by share my admin account. You mean share my username for my theme shop? Also, I created a new multiple choice quiz that you can see here: https://fruitsinsuits.com/play/play-fis-multiple-choice/. It also does not show the featured image (my original problem with the other quiz) but in addition to that the images do not seem to have an option to make them not scale over 100%. I will need that CSS code after all for this quiz. Thanks!
  10. That wasn't the issue. All the flip card images have always been fine, that's not what the original post was about. It was that the featured image does not show up when I use the short code on my website. I can only see the featured image when I use the preview quiz option, and when I see it previewed it is scaled beyond 100%. BUT before we worry about the scale of the image it needs to show up when I use the short code. Feel free to read the original post as well. Again, it was never about the flip card scale, just about the featured image.
  11. Thanks for the response! You can find the quiz here: https://fruitsinsuits.com/play/play-fis-flip-cards/
  12. Hi, I'm using the free version of WP Quiz, I'm planning on buying pro but I want to make sure it works properly before I spend the money. The problem is that the "featured image" does not show up when I use the short code for the quiz on my website. However, when I simply preview the quiz, it does show up. Why is this? Also, the featured image is scaling dynamically with the resolution past 100% of its resolution. There is a setting to stop this for all the other images, which I've done. But for some reason it doesn't affect the featured image. Its been a great plugin so far, looking forward to using the pro version when I'm sure it will work for me. Here's the additional info copied over: --- Environment --- Server Info: Apache PHP Version: 7.2.16 PHP Post Max Size: 65536 PHP Max Execution Time: 30 PHP Max Input Vars: 1000 Curl Version: 7.64.0, OpenSSL/1.0.2r Max Upload Size: 67108864 Mysql Version: 5.7.23 Default Timezone: UTC Fsockopen Or Curl Enabled: Yes Domdocument Enabled: Yes Simplexml Enabled: Yes Gd Extension: Yes Imagick Extension: Yes Allow Url Fopen: Yes Allow Url Include: No --- WordPress --- Home Url: https://fruitsinsuits.com Site Url: https://fruitsinsuits.com Secure Connection: Yes Hide Errors: Yes WP Version: 5.1.1 WP Multisite: No WP Memory Limit: 262144 WP Debug Mode: No WP Cron: Yes Language: en_US --- Plugins --- 0: Enable Media Replace v3.2.9 https://shortpixel.com 1: Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights v7.4.2 https://www.monsterinsights.com/?utm_source=liteplugin&utm_medium=pluginheader&utm_campaign=authoruri&utm_content=7%2E0%2E0 2: Insert Headers and Footers v1.4.3 http://www.wpbeginner.com/ 3: Jetpack by WordPress.com v7.1.1 https://jetpack.com 4: Mailchimp for WooCommerce v2.1.14 https://mailchimp.com 5: Mesmerize Companion v1.6.110 Horea Radu 6: MOJO Marketplace v1.4.4 http://mikehansen.me?utm_campaign=plugin&utm_source=mojo_wp_plugin 7: OnionBuzz v1.2.4 https://looks-awesome.com/ 8: WP Quiz v2.0.1 https://mythemeshop.com/ 9: WPForms Lite v1.5.1.3 https://wpforms.com 10: WP Shopify v1.3.4 https://wpshop.io --- Theme --- Name: OceanWP Version: 1.6.4 Author Url: https://oceanwp.org/about-me/ Is Child Theme: No --- WP Quiz --- WP Quiz Version: No Selected Mail Service: None
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