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  1. So you want me to pay 9 dollars to answer a simple question whether or not the two questions is a yes or no? I'm not buying anything before I know whether it's possible or not.
  2. Hi. Thank you. However, how can I change the background of the total shortcode? In this case, there is a white background under the text: http://prntscr.com/mu54dd And also, is it possible to make that color square and not with rounded edges? Best regards, Anders
  3. Hi. I've been playing around with the free theme. I'm trying to make a review look like this: http://prntscr.com/mslk2f So far I've discovered that if I use the shortcode: [wp-review-total id=""] I can display the rating in a table. However, it's displayed as an example 9/10. Would it be possible to display the shortcode similar to the picture, as "9.1" and the background as conditional formatting (changing color depending on review rating). I was wondering if this is available in the pro version? Best regards, Anders
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