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  1. I have now purchased the Pro version and am trying to set it up. I have attempted to submit a listing using the front end form as a third party selecting a free membership option but when i click submit the form gives me this error: Missing required param: card[exp_month] I notice the drop down choices for the 2 membership options both say premium listing. Is it possible to have a free option and charge for a premium listing? I don't see anywhere to add that option to the memberships? It seems the system is trying to ask for credit card information on a free membership, but there is no cr
  2. I am interested in purchasing your plugin but have a couple questions before I do. I want to plugin to function as a vacation rental listing service for property owners to pay to list their properties on my website. If a property owner lists a property using the front end form, will their picture and contact information show up on the right hand column like the agent information from their account information? Will the email form inquiries on a specific property go directly to the property owner/agent on each property or does this only go to the admin? Is it possible to
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