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  1. I have selected One site and it is coming up as$65 AUD
  2. The product is listed as 435 then another price $65 USD and $ 65 AUD I thought I was purchasing a product for $35 and when go to cart it is $65. I feel this is misrepresentation of a product cost and it is over what I wanted to spend. Id like your response to this as the product should show the correct price Thank you
  3. I dont want to have donate I want to sell events via Pay Pal. Has it got this facility? Thank you
  4. I run circles for women and want to use PayPal for booking. I see on Salvation there is a donate for PayPal. Does it use PayPal for paying for booking of an event? Events I see that it has a page for events but does it have a part of this section where you can place in a large amount of information about an event like 2 A4 size? Thank you
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