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  1. Thank's Patik, the problem has been solved. Great Service!
  2. Hi Pratik, thank you for the quick response. I don't want to remove parent slug. Please see images below. In general settings on the main page I can type in "unique url". This field will be filled automatically if not set manually, then using page title. No matter what you tipe in, these infos will be shown with every site link except this main page (see images below). Is it possible to disable this feature so that the urls of the site only use post name for generating the page links, as set by default on wordpress? Thanks for your help, Mario
  3. Hi, is there a way to disable the unique url feature so that (sub)pages do only show the main url + specific site name.? Since I installed Rank Math every site url additionally shows the unique url set on the main page with rank math options. When I just leave the unique url tag empty on the backend editor of the main site, automaticly the post name will be set as default unique url... Thanks for your help! Mario Visel
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