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  1. thanks a lot, now it's working. I'm also wonder when someone submit name and email, where can I get those informations?? and is it possible to send those infos to a google spread sheet or direct to madmimi email? regards allan
  2. thanks but I have one more question: check the site: https://pixelshow.co/quiz-ingresso/ the bullets are the only thing that is not working, I mean, the padding is working but bullets are in the same spot as before. it should be just before the answers text. how can I fix it regards allan
  3. thanks, and how about the same thing as above but on answers?? I'm also having issues to update the plugin: --- An update is available for the following plugin(s): WP Quiz Pro (2.0.5 - Changes)Navigate to the Updates page to install the update(s). --- but I click there and nothing happened. what should I do? it should update automatically right? regards allan
  4. hi, here is the link: https://pixelshow.co/quiz-ingresso/ my idea is to change paddings, and font sizes regards allan
  5. hi there I'm testing the plugin, but I would like to know how can I change CSS? is it possible to customize a bit more? regards allan
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