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  1. Hello, i am interested to purchase the WPQuiz Pro version. As i see the demo, give detailed stats about answers on quiz questions. is there any possibility (shortcode or something else) to display the stats of a quiz, in the frontend except of the backend? Thanks.
  2. Hello, Yes, I understand that it is only available in Trivia quizzes, also I am a bit confused by the two different answers, for now, I take the answer of truongwp 🙂 So, this feature is available in the free version, but when I activate it, I can't see any timer in front-end. Screenshot attached. Is it possible to set an online demo and send me the link? I want to buy the Pro version but this feature is a requirement for us. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm interested in the WP Quiz Pro plugin and i already have installed and testing the feee version. My question has to do with the overall quiz time. I can't see any demo in the plugin page that showing the overall quiz time. Does exist? Could you please send the URL? Also, in the free version, the setting is available but nothing displayed in the frontend of the specific quiz, when I put a value for the seconds. So, before I buy it I want to ask if this feature supported. Thanks!
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