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  1. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to add images instead of icons in the green sections that I highlighted in the picture below. Thanks!
  2. Hi, There was no option for the Designer theme so I chose DotMag. I was wondering if there was the option to disable the featured posts section in the header and that Ad section below the header (see attached picture). Just confirming, does this theme give you the option of adding an author image without having to go through gravatar.com? I was also wondering about the shortcode (see picture) that was mentioned. What are some of the shortcodes that were incorporated into the Designer theme? I know that there is a page called "Shortcodes" that comes with all MyThemeshop them
  3. Hi, Under the description of the Feminine theme it says that it is compatible with WP Shortcode. Is it also compatible with the Pro version (WP Shortcode Pro)? Thanks!
  4. I just had a question. If say after a year I choose to not continue to pay for updates on my theme will there be a chance that my theme can get hacked because it's not updated? I'm using a Wordpress security plugin now, but I'm just concerned that an old theme might have some vulnerabilities? Thanks for your patience
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there will be an option in the future for lifetime updates? Thanks!
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