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  1. Hello, We just installed a new wordpress setup and installed WP Real estate plugin again now we faces new issues The search phase is not working properly even search location terms not working and when click on any location page not found Please check the video - also map not showing address properly and throwing js issue so please check and provide the solution Please check all the issue and provide solution ASAP. Kindly send your reply on this id-
  2. Hello, I am using WP Real Estate plugin for one of my website. 1. I have putted all the plugin short code within page builder properly but the map is not working fine, It's not working same like plugin given demo, If we search any location in the map search box and main search box it will not reflect to the map please check our link and provide some solution - Real Estate 2. Other thing I want that search box only show areas in Chicago, for example, instead of the other cities it shows ONLY areas in Chicago. It CANNOT have an option to select other cities or countries. - This is our main requirement so please let us know is there any option or setting available in the plugin for specific location? so we can set specific country search, and please check why our map search not working fine, please provide solution ASAP. Kindly send your reply on this id-
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