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  1. Why would you offer to help and ask me to send a link if you have no intention of actually solving the problem? Not really encouraging to purchase the Pro version when the free version isn't working correctly and then you want to charge when you had offered to help with the problem.
  2. Hello, It doesn't seem to be a plugin conflict. Here is the quiz that isn't working: https://explore*****talk.com/wp_quiz/what-kind-of-partner-are-you/ Here is an example of a personality quiz working perfectly fine: https://explore*****talk.com/wp_quiz/are-you-a-good-listener-in-difficult-situations/
  3. Hello, I'm trying out the free version before purchase and I have one personality quiz which is not updating/working. The quiz won't navigate past the first question, it also won't update from multiple pages to single content. I've tried rebuilding the quiz and the second one is doing the same thing. Other personality quizzes I've built are not doing this. Not sure what's going on or how to fix. Not encouraging for purchasing.
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