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  1. It will be better if you answer my questions point by point, with a little bit explanation on how to do that after purchase.
  2. Hi, I have some pre sale question regarding https://mythemeshop.com/themes/news/ 1. Will I be able to fixed its center align when the menu is open and close both cases? Because in the demo, if menu is open position, then the alignment is getting close to left side. Menu Open Condition - https://ibb.co/Rb3q7y2 Menu Closed Condition - https://ibb.co/bbnnspr I need the closed condition for both cases. 2. Is it possible to get the this layout or this on category Category pages instead of this? 3. Image width is out out of the container on mobile landscape and portrait position - check here. I need it fit within the container. 3. Converting the large search box into a search icon? Overall I need the layout like SportsKeeda.com That's the main point why I will be purchasing this theme. Thanks.
  3. My website title was " InfoEtc-Web Development, Tutorials, How To, Domain & Hosting Offers" My website address is www.infoetc.in After using rank math the title is " infoetc >> infoetc" Please help me. I'm using a particular page as a home page.
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