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  1. Hi, I use my old plugin now for redirections and worked in 1 sec. So i will check your solution again later. Now comes the next "problem" your sitemap is not accepted by google webmaster tools . I use xml validator and no problem ?? I use my old SEO plugin and place it and no problem. http://prntscr.com/m8fw4f http://prntscr.com/m8fwuo I really hope that i take good decision to work with your plugin as we worked for many years with the famous one and just thought ok lets try something new. Cheers
  2. Oops sorry my mistake i copied with [ ] as your system place this it give the error. http://prntscr.com/m8f05j But still is not redirecting correct. It goes to a post with the word of the category Cheers
  3. Hi, sorry was wrong screenshot, was testing other options. I removed all and now i get error "Invalid regex pattern: [category/(.*)]"
  4. Hi, No does the same, i it redirect to a "post" that have the category name in the title. http://prntscr.com/m8efte Hope you can help me asap as the site has to go live
  5. Hi Montgomerie, Thanks for the reply, that option is on as I want to remove the category slug in the new setup. Maybe i did not explain well i need to redirect the incoming traffic from /category/ to /tag/ and use the regex option https://regex101.com/r/B0PR5c/1 So www.website.com/category/this-is-cat redirect to www.website.com/tag/this-is-cat When i place the regex it place [ ] and it is not working Cheers
  6. Hi, This is my first website with your Rank Math Plugin (tested on some "old" ones) but i see some " strange" things going on and not sure if your plugin does this. 1. I have some old post imported with www.website.com/news/this-is-a-post-test and without doing anything it is automatically redirected to www.website.com/this-is-a-post-test I remember i had plugin some time ago that looked to match the post and redirect automatically. Is this function done by your plugin ? (this is what i needed but i can't find any configuration for that in your panel. 2. I want to change the category to tags and made the following regex in your system Source : [category\/(.*)] Destination : www.website.com/tag/$1 But it is not working! https://regex101.com/r/B0PR5c/1 i see the system place [ ] and i can't remove it. How do I fix this? Cheers
  7. Hi Montgomerie, Happy new year. Thanks for the tip. There is one other regex that could create problems and that is old "tag" with only www.example.com/this-is-tag_t (where _t is the tag) and looks like it redirect some old files to the login page. https://example.com/wp-login.php?reauth=1&redirect_to=https://example.com/wp-admin/ and the regex recognize the _to= How to I filter only the _t and not _to ? https://regex101.com/r/3nSbIl/3 Cheers
  8. Hi, thanks for the link but if you see https://regex101.com/r/3nSbIl/2 how to remove the /mobile/ always as you can see there many possibility or must i make desktop versions and mobile versions of each ? With this regex you can do magic but looks like also destroy a lot as i thought first impression works. But if i check the logs i see even "traffic" comes in with links like See here https://regex101.com/r/kx9wsi/3 is it possible with regex to get until & as this search is always between ?q=search & where from & is page info and can be removed in the destination. cheers
  9. Hi Montgomerie, Thanks for the quick reply. Will give it a go on a test envoirement first. The regex looks perfect if i test it so that is great, the only problem is that i have also /mobile/ version of each link so there exist a "desktop" and "mobile" version https://regex101.com/r/q1gAmh/4 what is best way to remove the /mobile/ as they could appear in each link ? So https://www.example.com/mobile/ must be https://example.com _t is tag_c is category_h is page_p is post
  10. Hi, Checking and testing your plugin and looks very impressive. Some questions does it works in Spanish language ? Is there a shortcode for the Breadcrumbs? And one of the most challenging one is about the option redirections ? I run a old "CMS" system with 19800 post that have own structure and think your redirection option can solve most of it! Old link structure examples : _t is tag _c is category _h is page _p is post ?q= is search http://www.example.com/this-is-a-tag_t.html > http://www.example.com/tag/this-is-a-tag http://www.example.com/this-is-a-category_c.html > http://www.example.com/this-is-a-category or http://www.example.com/this-is-a-tag_t_p7.html > http://www.example.com/tag/this-is-a-tag/page/7 http://www.example.com/this-is-old-page-system__h_7>www.example.com/page/7 but there are some more "exceptions " The old CMS had old mobile landing http://www.example.com/mobile/this-is-a-tag_t.html > http://www.example.com/tag/this-is-a-tag http://www.example.com/this-is-a-tag_t_p7.html > http://www.example.com/tag/this-is-a-tag/page/7 or search http://example.com/?q=search-words&p=222 > http://example.com/?s=search-words http://example.com/mobile/?q=search-words > http://example.com/?s=search-words I think that first i must remove the word /mobile/ in any url. Is there a way of set priority ? So first "action" find all /mobile/ and remove ? Any help would be appreciated Cheers