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  1. Thanks Jitendraa! Have made a purchase for Schema theme as mentioned. Keep up the good work here.
  2. Hi, I have bought 5 licenses for corporate theme 2-3 weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the support that I received with the product. As I am still under the 30-day money back period, is it possible for me to change the plan for corporate to 1 license and use part of the refund to buy 1 license for Schema? Regards, SK
  3. It has been a much easier than I thought setting up my first website with the corporate theme from mythemeshop. The theme is easy and intuitive to use and best of all is the excellent post-sales support they provide. I find the moderators friendly and responsive to my questions. I would recommend this mythemeshopto all people who are starting out to build their own website!
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