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  1. Thanks. purchased. invoice id: 370962. opened a ticket here: Thanks, Eitan
  2. Thank you Jitendraa. Another question: If I have four image answers, how can I show them in one row, and not two rows? Or if not possible, two rows with two images in each row (but first option is much better). Thanks!
  3. Thanks! A few more questions: 1. If I choose the multiple pages option, can the final screen with results be on a separate page? 2. Can I set different ending screens for different results? 1-6 good answers will get an ending screen and 7-10 good answers receive a different screen? 3. Can the final screen be designed as I want? Thanks! Eitan
  4. Thank you, Sam. I've joined as a user, hope you could let me know when the new plugin version will be available. Thanks again, Eitan
  5. HI, Please let me know if that's possible: 1. User has to enter name/email before starting the quiz 2. User will have a limited time to finish the quiz. 3. Admin can export results to csv/other including how much time took for user to finish the quiz The fastest user who finished will be a winner Thanks, Eitan
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