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  1. I bought several themes and premium plugins, even use non-premium and have to say that mythemeshop is absolute a great company. Their support team is excellent, almost 24/7 and all my issues are resolved. My theme (child-theme now) is exactly the way I need it for my business. Great part of that perfect theme and translation for all countries we have sites in works just perfect. I needed for each country special things, links, categories etc. their support team got it fixed. On the free plugins / themes they give also excellent support. They can offer their almost 24/7 support because they have employees that work in different countries, so different time zones. For me, they are just the best in the 7 years that they build a solid company. If there was a rating between 0 and 5 I would give them a 5+. Again, supporters thanks for your excellent work.
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