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    Top class support team

    I want to commend your support team with their knowledge of your products. Integrating a plugin with another authors theme, I would guess is not always easy to accomplice. But where ever I ran into difficulties and layout problems, the team was always fast to respond and spot on with their coding, even identifying css mistakes I made in my quest to fix the look and feel of pages and suggesting easier and more effective solutions, well done guys.
  2. andre4

    WP Real Estate Plugin

    Hi Sam, thanks for the fast response. Ok so one can just add a menu item pointing to the /listing-type/house or /listing-type/apartment ? The other issue, if you go here then click on the sample house. The page I created as the template for single page listings singlepage is here Thank you
  3. I am currently trying out the free WPRE plugin and the first thing I noticed is that there is not shortcode to list property by type ? Is types supported in the PRO version ? no use paying for it and stuck with the same problem. I want to create different listing pages for houses, townhouses, apartments etc, User click on houses and see only houses not a lot of mixed properties. The other problem I have noticed. I am building the site with Divi. I made a property page for the property detail and named it SinglePage then I head over to WRE Settings and set the single listing to this page, It worked the property detail do open In this new page but show up with a sidebar on the right (page was made as fullwidth page) everything is cramped in into the area. Can one remove the sidebar altogether ?