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    Hi Sam, thanks for the fast response. Ok so one can just add a menu item pointing to the /listing-type/house or /listing-type/apartment ? The other issue, if you go here http://www.cfsnamibia.com/cfs/listings/ then click on the sample house. The page I created as the template for single page listings singlepage is here http://www.cfsnamibia.com/cfs/singlepage Thank you
  2. I am currently trying out the free WPRE plugin and the first thing I noticed is that there is not shortcode to list property by type ? Is types supported in the PRO version ? no use paying for it and stuck with the same problem. I want to create different listing pages for houses, townhouses, apartments etc, User click on houses and see only houses not a lot of mixed properties. The other problem I have noticed. I am building the site with Divi. I made a property page for the property detail and named it SinglePage then I head over to WRE Settings and set the single listing to this page, It worked the property detail do open In this new page but show up with a sidebar on the right (page was made as fullwidth page) everything is cramped in into the area. Can one remove the sidebar altogether ?