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  1. you can close this post i did it manual with .htaccess yesterday and deactivated redirection module so even if i give you login details you cant see anything anymore
  2. i activated redirection module and redirected all links manually that works but if i export the redirections (export to .htaccess) and deactivate the redirection module and copy the rules in my htaccess it didnt work thats how rank math rules looks <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteRule ^music\-news$ https://yourdomain.com/category/music-news/ [R=301,L] thats not working in htaccess i changed it manually to RewriteEngine On Redirect 301 /music-news/ https://yourdomain.com/category/music-news/ that works great
  3. after deactivating this option theres no redirect back to the old format with category in the link example after activating the feature yourdomain.com/category/news redirect to yourdomain.com/news/ after DEACTIVATING yourdomain.com/news/ gives a 404 it doesnt redirect back to yourdomain.com/category/news im not a seo pro is this normal or a bug maybe not important for google?
  4. ok but in title and meta description it recognized the keyword if you look at my screenshot
  5. I use my Title as focus keyword and i add that in my article too but rank math didnt recognize that i added some screenshots in the sensitive area
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