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  1. I have just checked again, I found no SEO Analysis error anymore. That's ok. Thank you Mythemeshop support for helping me!
  2. This is my main site, not a test site. I took the test page to compare it when uploading the 2 images above. The main page of the test is only 13, while the current test page I haven't updated to 1.0.11, the test is 63. Since the version 1.0.11 that support has helped me fix the error when updating from 1.0 .9 when I ran, some functions were missing compared to 1.0.9 so it only tested 13 items. My previous version of 1.0.9 when I was not at fault, I remember it tested 63 lessons and SEO scores usually ranged from 79 to 82. I don't understand why? Hope there are other answers to this problem for me. Sincere thanks!
  3. Because I have used the adsense theme for 5 websites, when I edit the version of RankMath to 1.0.11 for my error site, I compare it to another website when I haven't updated it. A website when I have not updated the new version of RankMath (still with version 1.0.9), the function of SEO Analysis is very good but when the support department updates an error site to version 1.0. 10 or 1.0.11 in SEO Analysis lacks a lot of parameters leading to my faulty website SEO score is very low. Is it an unresolved error of version 1.0.11 or a bug of each of my websites. I sent pictures of 2 pages to Mythemeshop to compare and fix errors to help me improve SEO scores in SEO Analysis. Firstly: Specifically, the Security section in version 1.0.11 is not available in SEO Analysis. Second is: Advanced SEO in SEO Analysis new version lacks much compared to version 1.0.9 Third, there is no Performance section in version 1.0.11 compared to 1.0.9 The fourth is: The Basic SEO section lacks a lot compared to the old Basic SEO version 1.0.9 Best regards!
  4. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  5. I just disabled the RankMath plugin, then I went to the admin page. So how can I re-enable the RankMath plugin without a login error?
  6. I have just seen an upgrade for the Rank Math plugin. I proceeded to upgrade, after upgrading this latest version I was out of the admin panel and failed to login to WordPress. An error message pops up "HTTP ERROR 500" How to handle the above error? Thank you
  7. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  9. Thanks for your help. I have referenced the article link you sent. I find it seems that there is an article with less than 3 words without error. The remaining main long keywords are errors
  10. I am Vietnamese. When the Myth Math plugin of Mythemeshop came into being. I like it very much. It is strong. I trusted and used it and I no longer use the "Yoast Seo" plugin. I have a problem when entering the main keyword in the title and primary key in the "Focus Keyword" section, the "Basic Seo" section of Rank Math still indicates the "Focus Keyword not found in the URL" error. So how do I solve that problem so I can improve my SEO score in that section?
  11. I have set up to create sitemap_index.xml in the Marth Seo Plugin Rank but when checking sitemap it shows error: Error 404 Not Found Oops! We could not find this page. Hãy kiểm tra URL hoặc hãy dùng mẫu tìm kiếm dưới. I did everything but not. Need your support!
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