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  1. Hi, I was actually referring to your yearly membership which states unlimited downloads for 8.95 a month and used by developers-price of around 99.99 but then it states only 1 website which I don't understand since you get access to all themes and plugins?
  2. Hi, I was interested in purchasing the extended membership but need some clarification. On the sales page, it says $8.29 a month and in the check mark section it says you get unlimited downloads and multi site installation but the details says I only get a 1 website license? What I am looking for a plan where I can create multi websites and be able to change out the theme as needed on each website. Not sure if the 1 site license means 1 account or is it referring to having to use some sort of multi-site plugin in on Wordpress. I have never done that before. Thank you
  3. I have tried many WordPress themes in the past but none compare to Mythemeshop. The true one click install is a huge time saver and all the themes I have purchased are beautifully designed and work seamlessly across all devices. The features along with support and affordable prices has me hooked. Thank you Mythemeshop, Happy Customer-Maria😊
  4. Hi, I was looking at the URL shortener pro plug in. I wanted to know if this plug in would be an alternative to Improvely? I reviewed the demo but not sure it has the same functions as Improvely. I need a way to promote my affiliate links on Google ads/Bing. The only way I can do this would be to use the final url while somehow still being able to use my tracking id like done on Improvely. The problem I currently have is that some of my affiliate links are not https and thus not allows me to advertise on google and bing without using a program. Improvely works but they are extremely pric
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