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  1. Fatih_Cakir_Gundogan

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] about Rank Math SEO

    I use Point Pro theme. I also use Yoast SEO. If I use Rank Math SEO and deactivate Yoast SEO, what happens to my page snippets and keywords that I made with Yoast SEO. Do I loss them? Is Rank Math SEO totally free? Do you plan a price in the future?
  2. Fatih_Cakir_Gundogan

    [Schema] Does Schema work well with Elementor?

    Which Pagebuilder do you recommend to use with MyThemeShop themes?
  3. Fatih_Cakir_Gundogan


    Thanks for the fast and effective support
  4. Fatih_Cakir_Gundogan

    Fast Support

    I have sold Point Pro Theme. All my help requests were welcomed by the support team in hours. Thanks to the Support Team and to MyThemeShop.