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  1. Thanks for your comments. I don't understand wehat you mean by 'The theme Portfolio cannot redirect to a specific page,'. In the Demo, there are several buttons at the top of the Home page (All, Nature, Graphics, etc.). If you click one of these we get a filtered selection of the images. Are you saying that the theme is still on the Home page but has applied a filter based on the category of the images? I need a theme where I can create several 'Gallery' pages, launched from a menu button and each with a grid of images. Clicking an image shows it at a large size. I am not sure that 'Portfolio' can do this. Regards, Tim
  2. Thanks for your very quick reply Jitendraa. I suppose that's our challenge - some are 1:1 ratio, others are 1:1.5, 1:1:8 etc. If I put a rectangular image on the Home page, would the theme crop it? If so, from the top down so it would lose the lower portion? The current web site at shows how different aspect ratio images appear, eg: on the Gallery 1 page. This is how I would like the 'Portfolio' theme to appear on its Home page. SO: if I always placed each image inside a black square on the Portfolio Home page and the Home page background was set to black - would the images appear in a similar way as the current Gallery 1? I know that I could make sure they are all square by placing recatangular images on a white or black square, but then there would be a visible band each side of the painting. I would like to allow visitors to click on a Home page image and then be taken to a page showing only that image, but full screen. Is this possible? Kind regards, Tim
  3. Hi, The 'Portfolio' theme looks ideal for my wife's art work, however most of her paintings are rectangular. Is there any way that images displayed on the 'Home' page can be any shape other than square? Many thanks, Tim
  4. Two months ago I installed WordPress for the first time and, after exploring various options, bought the Schema theme. On each of the half dozen occasions that I have needed help, MyThemeShop has responded with a couple of hours within courteous, detailed and effective solutions and advice. Their support is amongst the very best I have ever received from any type of supplier. Well done!
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