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  1. Can you help me how to import data via CSV file.
  2. Thank you for your prompt response i want to know whether i can able to add keywords for rankmath from import too? For example is there any possibility to import option for rankmath SEO.
  3. How to import import? Do you have any template for the same.
  4. There are few Thing which i came across using RankMath. Google Search Engine issue: Please Check i am getting this error from last couple of version of RankMath as 2 version prior i had clicked Update Manually after that it is been Showing as fetching in progress. I had added in the Group but dnt know no one has replied yet.
  5. After analysing website for SEO came to know that there are Post Titles Missing Focus Keywords error is been shown, Trying to fix it then i had came to know that Focus keyword and Title should be same. While editing i came accross that where the page i had kept 2 keywords shows the same error again and again. Also tried to add both keyword on post title (Means page name), But it doesnt accept the same. Please check issue and try to fix as if it is showing an error then there is no use of adding 2nd keyword.
  6. Dear Team, I had done using Health Check Plugin but still the same issue, Even after disabling Theme and plugin. But not working.
  7. Here are some issues i came across while setting up redirection rules which are available in rankmath (As Rank Math doesnt allows any other plugin for Redirection) By Clicking on "Add New" button shows below form, After clicking Add redirection button shows again the same page nothing added to redirection list and also no error seen, Checked with any other domain name it throws an error (Invalid Domain) but setting up properly shows nothing alert neither done sucessful nor Invalid or any error alert..
  8. Hello, Rankmath is a great plugin but there is some issue with my sitemap generation. When i checked my google webmaster sitemap was not been updated. So i checked with plugin sitemap to verify what is the url for submission towards google webmaster. Please check and revert with the solution. Attachment of images for your reference.
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