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  1. Hello, This company and the whole team you deserve much more than these words. Thank you for everything. Best
  2. When I first started blogging, I knew nothing about premium themes, managing a C panel hosting, setting up an appealing and fast site... Everything seemed complicated since there is a learning curve when using WordPress. But Mythemeshop provided me amazing informational videos, set-up advises and 7*24" real customer support" at every step of my blog building and managing process. When I crashed the blog (it was my fault) they have landed on my blog and put everything in place within 5 minutes! Now that I have 3 blogs using MyThemeShop products and I have bought unlimited
  3. Hello, I had a non-indexing and crawling problem yesterday. Google had warned me and when I asked support, you have advised me to update the theme. I applied every step that you have precised and after the theme update Google indexed the post within 10 minutes and now the post ranks in the FIRST PAGE of Google:) This is fantastic! In Corona days, this has been a huge motivation for me. You have facilitated for me to build my online presence. Several companies in the market can sell premium themes but no other company can be like MyThemeShop. Wh
  4. If you are planning to run your business, have your own blog or build a brand, do choose My Theme Shop without hesitation. The support team is incredibly talented and professional. No waiting, no excuses, no underestimation, no unanswered questions. As a strategic marketing management person, I can clearly say that my experience with the support team was the best of the best. A perfect example of five-star brand management. They have exceeded all my expectations. I have never seen such a service quality. They made me so happy. If one day the suppor
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