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  1. Hey All, I am new to this wordpress thing and this is my second Premium theme I bought. When I got the first one I didn't really know what I am looking for so I end up not using it because it was not really easy or flexible to configure for what I was looking for. I got SteadyIncome theme a couple of days ago and I was impressed how many things I could change, tweak or just experiment and how easy it was even for a newb like me.... Even creating child theme is included in the theme config... I hit a couple of snags on the way but for a day we cleaned them all with MistaPrime's help! Well done MistaPrime! If I have one suggestion(being QA for awhile becomes a habit...) as a person just learning this. In this theme it seems really easy and straightforward to modify CSS of the objects if you know what are you doing... Do you have any guide or examples how to change CSS for this and that element in the theme? This would help users and reduce the questions to support from people without experience. Thanks and keep up the good work Igor
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