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  1. adrien.lahalle

    [WP Review Pro] New licence

    Hi Mistaprime, Ok thanks, I will use that email. Have a nice day.
  2. adrien.lahalle

    [WP Review Pro] New licence

    Hi Jitendraa, Thanks for your answer. I have already try to use the account section, but the big green button "send message" seems to be out of service. I have also tried with firefox, chrome and brave internet browser and I got the same issue. Is there a problem on the form or on my side ?
  3. adrien.lahalle

    [WP Review Pro] New licence

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy a new licence of WP Review Pro but the plug in is very expensive Because I'am a good customer and I love your products, could you please give me a discount on a new licence ? That would be very nice ! Thanks by advance Cheers !
  4. adrien.lahalle

    Super efficient support team

    After an update of WP Review, I had a problem with my website and some stars not displaying properly. Within an afternoon, Jitendraa helped me in a very efficient way. The solution was found very quickly an I greatly appreciate it. Thanks again and keep the good work guys ! Cheers from France.