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    ''Old'' when describing multiple years punching the keyboard in an effort to become an online presence. ''New'' describes my still green state in many aspects of the process to get there ~ even now. Theme wrangling is one of the tough areas. Found MTS, read their reviews, made my way through the excellent easy to navigate site pages and viewed the theme demos. Through emails Bhanu talked to me and offered assistance to get to a premium theme purchase. Bhanu is good people. Now an owner of the ''BEST'' theme I view tutorials and look into the previous forum questions asked over the years and am actually building a decent looking site presence! I get stuck occasionally, yes. Wrote to support and within the hour MistaPrime popped in at the inbox with concise directions to guide me to the correct next step. So on I go creating a cool website, I will stumble still but feel confident knowing MTS support is but a brief note inquiry away. Go MTS team! Billy Eliott