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  1. [WP Shortcode] Not working

    For example i think i get what is the difference between the shortcode OneThird and OneThird(last) but it makes no difference on my site: the one third column is still on the left with both script...
  2. [WP Shortcode] Not working

    Hello Jitendra, Thank you for your answer. I watched the video and i learnt the presence of the + button to add the shortcode. That's a very good start thank you very much. But it's only a few examples, don't you have any document with the list of customization possible, other than a video? Thanks again for your reply.
  3. [WP Shortcode] Not working

    Hello all, I installed the plugin (WP shortcode) with my wordpress 4.9.4 (theme OnePress). It seems to work because i can display the exemple shown in the demo if i copy/paste th code shown in the demo page but i don't have the lists of the shortcodes available. So i can't use any shortcode because i don't know them. When i am editing a page, i don't have any button to add a shortcode so i can't really use it. Do you have any ressource or help regarding that? Thanks a lot in advance. Lucas.