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  1. 1) Quiz skip option Not there..? 2) After answering all questions the User gets the form to enter his mail id and Name? At beginning Not ? only 2 fields...if extra field required ? 3) All data stored in Backend ? 4) Can we set Quiz timer ?
  2. thanks... I think this works as per my requirements... Please let me know API is SET ? API able to set for mobile APP ??? I want to store users email id and basic data..? option available in PRO..? Can we customize easily..?
  3. Thanks for quick responses... Now its working.. but I added 2 test questions...But not listed together. Actually where this all questions listed out ? API is SET ? API able to set for mobile APP ???
  4. Sorry I am not get you......--->"You need to go to Settings > Permalinks and save the changes there so that you can see the quiz on the frontend without any issues." Please guide me by providing proper info....(what I need to do in Permalinks and save the changes...?) Please provide Plugin Guide file/Video tutorial....So I can try this plugin....(The thing is we are unable to find the solution to display all quiz in frontend If it is works fine, planning to buy PRO Version...
  5. Very sorry to hear from you.. But I checked with your Demo. Image uploading option is available...As my view Summary and Video option is missing.... Also I tried installing WP Quiz...On Backed it works smoothly...But how to display questions in front end ???? I a unable to set front end screens......
  6. We are planning to do mobile App as well...So REST API developed on your plugin..? All users performance, comparison and users data stored in back-end ??? User able to skip answers...? Timer able to Set..? We want to display Summary at end...How many Answered..? How many Skipped..? Total right Answer...? Total Wrong Answer..? It is possible...? Please take your own time and reply me detail y................
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