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  1. Fabio_Pierrottet

    [Schema] Best looking page

    what about seo aspect and speed aspect are the same as schema ? Im a bit OCD about this :-9 something like sociallyviral can be used for a business company site ?
  2. Fabio_Pierrottet

    [Schema] Best looking page

    Hello I'm looking at your themes, I would like the fastest and most beautiful to see. Looking at the market there are themes with beautiful graphics when you create a page, I think "schema" it is very basic and I was looking for something nicer, can you recommend something? mainly I decided to have a homepage with less stuffs , and more detailed pages with a nice graphic thank you so much PS: all your themes have microdata integrated scheme?
  3. Fabio_Pierrottet

    [Schema] Looking for correct template

    schema support featured categories you said, so it should be like this but on schema homepage ? https://demo.mythemeshop.com/newstoday/category/funny/
  4. Fabio_Pierrottet

    [Schema] Looking for correct template

    yes sorry im bad with english :_) should be an image with some text around that explain which argument it is, at least for 8-10 "sectors"
  5. Hi I've to build a website for my company, we got a lot of services to offer like 100+. I need to show on homepage at least 10 branches and then user will go down from there. So I would need a template that has already a structure that can support that. I love schema theme but it doesnt look the right one for me. Im not good with coding so I need to do few stuffs I love of schema template that has rich snipper already inside, so anything with this also do you have ? Thanks