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    Perfect technical support

    Mythemeshop is the best theme provider in this sector. You pay for only one theme and you can use that theme for 5 web sites. Meanwhile, they are behind their product and They answer tickets in less than 1 day. . If it wasn't mythemeshop, I would not make my ecommerce site. Thank you for this great support
  2. I am glad I found this web site and bought a theme from here. I had three problems earlier in the day and thanks to fast responses from MyThemeShop Team, I solved all of my problems in such a short time (2 hours). This is a servcie that I am not used to. I am 42 and this is my first web site experience. It has been three days and I love my site already. The themes are good and you can rely on them. Demo works. Widgets and plug-ins created by this team also seem reliable to me. I didn't test the shopping details yet because I didn't start entering my products. So for, I am very happy from this purchase.