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  1. Oh OH. I created a new redirection for a 404 error and I got the same double url in front the new url created, for example - It seems the destination URL https://test.com/https://test.com/test-category/ cannot be reached. Please check the URL.
  2. Thank you. I see the important errors fixed like the double urls.
  3. I'm seeing lots of 404 errors that make no sense. Meaning how on earth these errors come about, for example -- /lian.php Redirect | Delete /user.php?act=login Redirect | Delete license.php Redirect | Delete ads.txt Redirect | Delete apple-app-site-association Redirect | Delete ?author=15 Redirect | Delete ?author=12 Redirect | Delete ?author=13 Redirect | Delete /data/cache/flye.php Redirect | Delete /plus/read.php Redirect | Delete /plus/result.php Redirect | Delete /data/cache/asd.php Redirect | Delete And there is a ton more. Question is, how to fix them? And why they arose out of thin air? Also when I made some redirects, I saw that other errors came up where the main domain url is twice in the url. Please see the 404 Monitor section of my site. What can be this problem about? Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to update rankmath and I got this error message: Update Failed: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.
  5. My bad... I had to unblock India. Try now. if you still can get access then I may your IP to put into cloudflare.
  6. So I just installed the Rank Math plugin, set it up and imported the Yoast options. I found the following issues -- 1. I have 4000 words blog post and Rank Math is telling me I have below 65 words! 2. I have the focus word in the first line and Rank Math is telling I don't have it there. 3. I'm included an image to show all the problems but in mind, the problems don't exist in the article. I have subheadings, outbound links etc. 4. When I click update on the post, the seo score goes to 90/100. When I refresh back the page it shows 52/100. 5. I'm not sure if WP Review Pro is causing any problems or any shortcode plugin is causing any problems as I have some from mythemeshop unstalled.
  7. I'm not sure what it means by when themes have in the description about mega menu or review widget support. Does this means that these plugins already come built in with the theme or I have to purchase them separately. For example the MagXP theme said it is mega menus compatible. Does this means that Mega menu comes with it or I have to buy it? thanks
  8. I'm not sure what I'm paying for for the Extended Membership Plan. Okay from my understanding, if i purchase the Extended Membership Plan for first month $87. I have to pay $19 per month from second month onward. Also I see that with this plan I can use a theme on unlimited domains.?? Yes that an unsure term above because I also see in the frequently asked questions that I can only use the theme on 10 domains only. So which is it? 10 domains or unlimited? Also I saw someone said about a $35 yearly theme renewal fee. What is this about. Can you clarify what exactly I have to pay to get access to all the themes and plugin. Like any hidden fee etc.
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