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  1. I'm already your premium member and I'm currently using Interactive theme on one of my domains. Now, I've bought a new domain and want LIFESTYLE theme for it. My question is specific to the images. The featured image size on the home page are of different sizes, and also in portrait or landscape orientation. Now, the posts and categories will keep changing and so will the images on home page. I've experienced in INTERACTIVE theme that a portrait image when moves to a landscape slot its appearance and looks change and similarly when a landscaped image moves to a portrait slot it gets cropped very badly. This happens specifically where there are large featured images at the top of home page. How do we handle this issue? So my query is, do we have an option that an image gets adjusted or resized according to the slot of theme without getting distorted or cropped.
  2. Hi, I'm currently having Interactive theme and my payment is due on 16 Jan 2019. I have a query, I'm interested in changing my theme to LIFESTYLE. Will this affect any changes in my website in terms of SEO or any major change apart from looks. What will I have to pay to change to LIFESTYLE and what will be the annual renewal fee from year 2020?
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