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  1. I dont need help with anything but Jitendraa asked for my login data, so I guessed he wanted to give a deeper look at the bug. I'll mark this as solved.
  2. Hello Jitendraa and thank you for the time you are dedicating to me; I am fine with the plugin as it is, but i gave you the login details (and removed the custom css) so you can give a look at it - maybe there's some kind of bug and you want to work it out!
  3. Hello Jitendraa, Thank you for the code, I did manually change that sentence and it worked! I cleared both my browser and the plugin cache folder but I still could see those buttons. To remove the buttons I've found a workaround by adding this custom CSS: .wq_shareGP { display:none; } .wq_shareVK { display:none; } I know that it's not the correct way but it shouldn't cause troubles. Thank you very much for the kind assistance you provided!
  4. Hello MistaPrime, thank you for the answer! You can see an example of a quiz here: I attach two images where you can see that I translated the "share your results" sentence and removed g+ and VK from share buttons!
  5. Hello! I'm using WP Quiz for a new website that I am developing and I am trying to translate it in Italian language by using the addon "My WP Translate", as advised on this forum. The problem is that the "Share your results" sentence wont be translated even if I fill the "My WP Translate" form - other sentences and words are translated as supposed. In which file can i manually translate it? Apart from this I noticed that even if i remove the google+ and vk buttons from settings they remain visible for sharing in quiz results. How can i fix this? Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for the bad english