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  1. Thank you Jitendraa, Before I go ahead could you please confirm that the full access includes the WP Review Pro plugin, it looks like it does but I wanted to be sure. All the best Chris
  2. Hi I recently purchased the theme Sociallyviral (again) so that I would get the updates. I love this theme but as I am still within the 30 days refund I was considering returning it and instead paying for the full collection at $99pa Would it be possible that instead of returning the theme I could just pay the difference between what I already paid and the $99 for the 1 year membership to everything? Hope this makes sense? Happy to chat?
  3. Hi 1) Does WP Google translate English text on the website automatically into any language out of the box? 2) Or does it require the web host to input the translations? 2) This functionality was supposed to come with the socially viral theme but it involved manually typing all the translations into boxes, is this different to that?
  4. Hi Jitendraa that is very fast support thank you. Are the changes I made in that area affected by a theme update? deleted? Best Chris
  5. Could you confirm that 1) the access all sites and plugins for a year for $99 means that I could download multiple themes and will receive support on all themes and plugins? 2) I have two websites that i would like to use two themes for and want to check this deal allows the option for two domains. 3) This deal includes rankmath pluggin?
  6. Sorry to keep asking questions but I intend to do this update today and just want to save myself the issue of lots going wrong. 1) Is there a record of changes and which php files are affected in updates since January 14, 2019 2) Is there a way to see all the custom CSS changes I have done from within the customization area (see fig 1 attached). Would any custom CSS show there? Thank you!
  7. To be honest I can't remember all the changes that were we made but all the changes I have made have been via this support channel and through the advice given here. so should be in my history. I think some were added to the sheets and others were through the custom port but I can't remember exactly. Do the custom CSS bits add to core files too? Can you help with advice as to what action I should take? Will it remove the google analytics, my cookie prompt, logo style etc? I feel like the update would be a lot of work and if there was a way to simplify it that would be great. All the best Chris
  8. Since my subscription lapsed I cannot see all the support questions that I have raised over the years, if i renew my subscription will my complete history of support questions be visible to me. Since 2018?
  9. Hi, The reply button on my theme has stopped working and I assume there are some security reasons to update the theme from it's state Techsnail.com. This is something I am considering doing. However, I am concerned that over the years we (myself with Mythemeshop) have done some custom CSS or tweaking and I'm worried that the update will remove this? Is there a way to get a list of all the current custom settings and code associated with my site so that I know what to add back in and don't end up with lots of support issues replacing it or slowing the site down. all the best Chris
  10. I want to renew my support contract with you guys as I have a number of issues that I need help with but before I do I want to check that the Socially Viral theme will work with the Yoast Twitter Social Shares option? As when someone clicks the tweet to share button it seems to ignore the settings in Yoast and instead share the metadata and featured image. Is there a way to force it to share with the Yoast settings below which the theme seems to ignore? All the Best Chris
  11. Does this plugin add the options to post reviews or replace the the default post settings. I currently use the Socially Viral theme and was considering adding this plugin so that I might include reviews for my site. But I don't want to only be able to post reviews, I want to be able to post regular posts too. Thank you
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