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  1. [DualShock] Fullwidth post-page

    Respected , problem is fixed i will use translation plugin in future ! Thank you , regards.
  2. [DualShock] Menu problem

    Respected , this is code i have write in Custom CSS : .main-header { z-index: 999999 !important; } This fix my problem with Mailchimp top bar , i hope it will help others! Best regards.
  3. [DualShock] Fullwidth post-page

    Respected , post page is now fullwidth Thank you. That's mean that all translations i do through core files will be back to normal after some of updates ? Ooo no There is mythemeshop translation plugin , is that better to use ? Regards.
  4. Respected , i want on my site to made post page fullwidth. I allready turn off sidebar by deleting code in postpage.php. Thank you advance , best regards.
  5. [DualShock] Menu problem

    Respected , let's leave topic open if i find a solution i will post it here , if not , will mark it as solved. Maybe someone will have same problem. Best regards.
  6. [DualShock] Menu problem

    Respected , this solution fix navigation menu problem , however that not satisfied me because that top bar can be very usefull for geting subscribers. Can i somehow overide this , fix or make replacement . What is with Mythemeshop top bar ? Best regards.
  7. [DualShock] Menu problem

    Respecte , if you go to my page you will notice that its unable to klick on menu . I can make new items but i can't klick on them. Interest is that i can click on logo below the line of menu but i can't click on logo in line of menu. Btw. this perhaps happened after install (now reinstalled) plugin for making post page full width where i can choose with no side bar and with no header. So my second question is how to make full width post page , i know how to remove sidebar but i can't make page full width. Thanks in advance , best regards.
  8. [WP Tab Widget] Colors change

    Respected , this works great ! Thank u on help again! Regards.
  9. [WP Tab Widget] Colors change

    Respected , This code help me to change tab content text color but i need that active tab be in black color with white text (wher is "Popularno" or "Popular" on eng.) and inactive tab in some of gray color and black text. Thank you.
  10. Fast , Good , Precise

    I ask four times for help and I got it every time fast , corect answers with no losing time at all. Every code i have to cghange is changed without mistake. One more time , thanks to Jitendraa and team.
  11. [WP Tab Widget] Colors change

    Respected , my site is . Thank you advance.
  12. [DualShock] Font family change

    Jitendraa , working perfectly ! Thank you again !
  13. [DualShock] Font family change

    This help , thank you ! Can u just answer me how to change text size in post ? Thanks in advance!
  14. Respected , very simple , i whant this colors of my Wp Tab Widget
  15. Respected , how can i change font style on my sidbar widgets , article name and article text (+size). I hawe wp subscribe plugin and i whant to change font on him too. My site is Best regards.