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  1. Thank you for all of your help. I've bought the theme. I don't think I'll be able to use it for a few days. Thanks again for all of your help.
  2. I'll buy Schema soon. Will it cost money for you to show me how to adjust the theme or is it free?
  3. I can show the text from an entire post on the main page using Schema or AdSense?
  4. Does that mean that none of your themes can show the entire text of the post on the front page?
  5. My concern is if I buy the wrong theme I won't be able to do what I want. I'm a little confused as to which theme I should buy. This is what I need. I need the entire site to be one column. I want the content to fit on the page without too much white space on either side. I also want the entire post to be visible on the home page so the reader can read it without having to click anything. Which theme should I buy to do this?
  6. With those two I can have a one column site and show all of the content on the front page? Do you have a sample of how this would look?
  7. I also have another question. I want the user to be able to read 100% of my posts without needing to click away from the main page. Can this be done as well?
  8. Do you know if there are white gaps on the right and left when this is done?
  9. I'm thinking about taking advantage of the $19 sale. I need a theme that has no columns. I want no right or left sidebar. Which theme of yours can do this? I want a logo and a footer. That's it.
  10. Thank you for answering my question. Do you know of any sites that are currently running this plugin? I'd like to see it in action other than only the demo.
  11. Do you recommend a certain theme over the others for the WP Quiz plugin? Does one look better than the others?
  12. I've been thinking about buying WP Quiz Pro. I also need a theme for my new site. I thought might as well buy one here while I'm at it. Are all of the themes for sale here compatible with WP Quiz Pro? If not, when ones aren't?
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