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  1. what is the mechanism for these rating value & count. Where we will collect these, means it's referring to which reference? is it for Social media combined rating as all like on Facebook page and other social media etc. Please guide more on this. Thanks!
  2. Please just check our setting of RM plugin is ok or not.... 1. as we set.... "Webshop" & type "Travel Agency" but warning showing is for "Organization". 2. There is no option in plugin for Ratingvalue and rating count, as it also showing error on google SD. See uploaded snap. for checking schema at google need to more times, perhaps it will load. Hope u can understand, server issue if any can't resolve instantly. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? yes, we off above mentioned setting now fine, but please update the plugin with correction. Many Thanks
  4. Hello Team, Please help to resolve below urgent issues which found in plugin:-- 1. on our cart & checkout page this error message showing:- "Notice: Undefined variable: post in /"our website title"/wp-content/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/includes/frontend/class-add-attributes.php on line 280" snaps & login provided in vault. 2. Our settings are correct but we seen error & warning message for schema on google sd testing, which is for organization selection. Please check this also why error coming on home page.
  5. Hello Team, 1. This issue already reported by your any client, i read any where:- our pages quick edit not working nor showing like any post, pages etc. Please solve this issue as we seen after new version of rank math during 3 to 4 days. 2. Make sure your plugin not conflicting with XML RPC which generally used by wordpress.com & jetpack and their contracted hosts. VERY important. Because they are investigating already of our issue that nothing is updating and synchronizing with wordpress.com & jetpack over XML-RPC. 3. during editing Rank math SEO on any page:- all ti
  6. Hi, Below is the reply from theme support:-- " The problem come from your plugin that conflict with theme function. You can deactivate that plugin the check the console section again to see. " Thanks
  7. Hi, As one previous issue for:- Local SEO setting " about us" and "contact us" page unable to select, so you guys suggested to contact theme support for JS errors. check here :- https://monosnap.com/file/u5WpujYYs8K1T3jxco2rE09oYEnIlA.png Theme anther telling to contact plugin support by which they will correct. So please once again i would request you to check any error which causing this. can it possible to remove dependency to run js ?
  8. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  9. Hi Team, Since many days and weeks we are observing, seems some functionality of Rank Math is not working, listing below need to check root cause:- 1. We have added many pages/posts like tours but when we checked site map containing tours have same numbers as previous 3 weeks or 1 month, those posts numbers not increased it mean site map xml ist not getting update as well as same for locations site map. 2. SEO Analysis function:- social media connected already like Facebook and Linkedin but it's counting that these are not connected. 3. ON page SEO need to simplify process.
  10. Hi, So can you confirm below mentioned our setting is correct or not for rich snippet :- 1. Theme pages - Articles 2. Post under our custom Base :- Product 3. Webshop with organization option. other settings:- 4. media option selected for sitemap files.
  11. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  12. 1 & 2:- shine theme on themeforset, please guide us how to resolve that hentry markup issue? 3. yes we are using woo commerce functionality only for checkout? please guide us we are unable to see option for website here only option for webshop and organization. 4. Alt not adding in images, we checked at page speed checking sites like webpagetest.org or pingdom or google speed. yes we are uploading images on upload option of wp-admin. 5/6. thanks for considerations 7:- just want to inform you, your local seo page setting not working like unable to select about us or cont
  13. Hi, As we checked in Google console below is some issues:- 1. There are showing 10 errors on ten pages under :- Structured Data > hentry (markup: microformats.org) itemtype: http://microformats.org/profile/hentry 2. Rich Cards:- Fix errors in your rich cards or enhance your cards with additional data. Errors or omissions in rich card data can reduce the feature set available to your card, or prevent the card from being processed entirely. We did not find any rich card structured data on your website. Please check R
  14. Hi, Good Day, Rank math Rich snaps are working fine as tested on google console tools and many features are good, while some issue in new version need to resolve which listed below with some recommendations:- 1. SEO analysis showing wrong, example;- analytics is already there but it's showing google analytics is not found on website, social media/pages showing not connected for Facebook & Linkedin. 2. Local SEO page setting not working: 1. unable to select page about us & contact us. 2. There is no option for websites & E commerce. 3. Site Map
  15. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  16. Hi, Is any buddy will help to guide on breadcrumbs, as where to paste RANK Math breadcrumbs code properly? 1. we have static home page so currently pasted in header section of space where theme providing to paste codes. So please help on this by visiting and fixing . Thanks.
  17. Hi, We just checked after a update to new version 0.9.12 as per Mentioned by Bhanu. Now everything looks fine. The issue you of compatibility with WP bakery visual editor self resolved. We will check more on this our side, then we will update you. mean time i will suggest to make RANK math supportive with other plugin, theme as much as possible. Thanks
  18. Hi, As our website on wordpress.com & we are using WP bakery visual editor. Previously it was fine when we installed RANK math but now i can see while creating new post or some of old post pages WP bakery visual editor enabled but not working so our theme not performing to edit post as previous. We contacted to theme provider they told this happening due to RANK Math plugin. So please check it once on high priority of your works and update As soon as possible to make it supportive to wordpress.com and other plugins likw specially wp bakery visual editor. every plugin need to
  19. Hi, Is any one help & guide us where to put and insert Rank math Breadcrumbs code correctly? How many places where we can insert and see effect? We inserted in header option of theme. Thanks
  20. Hi, it looks Schema not working means knowledge graph not coming. See below link https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&ei=C0CdW_ilF4n6vgTox76YBA&q=globaltripinfo.co&oq=globaltripinfo.co&gs_l=psy-ab.3...45302.45894.0.46291. Please guide how complete knowledge graph will come right side of search engine page while searching. thanks
  21. Hello, can u guide on this:- 1. As we are only online booking website for Travel & hospitality industry services, so it will come in local SEO setting? i can't find here setting of JSON-LD for websites. Can you help us more to explore. 2. Also focus Keyword we can't enter more than 6? 3. where is knowledge graph setting by which our website all details will start coming/showing right side upper corner of google search?
  22. Hi, need help in rich snippets setting:- 1. as we have travel booking services, so in which snip category it will come like, product or services or articles or recipe? 2. is you guys using JSON-LD ? 3. you to set knowledge graph wsing JSON-LD here? 4. how to set breadcrumbs? where to paste in theme file, please clarify?
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