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  1. [PointPro] Theme License

    I have a newbie question, Lets say if i buy the PointPro for 37 $. I can use it for lifetime or it is just for a year, after that i need to buy/renew it again ?
  2. [Point] Rectangle Thumbnails

    Thanks! Sheer Genius.
  3. Dear MTS Team, Thanks for the point theme. I have 3 major concerns around the Feature Settings Area. 1. As of today, i do not wish to place any ADs below the menu navigation, hence there are lots of space - can we fix it? 2. What is the best size for featured images / post images so that they appear really great on Homepage. ? 3. The title of the featured posts are not visible - please provide some color combo code. Please help.
  4. [Point] Rectangle Thumbnails

    Dear Team, Can we make the thumbnails rectangle?
  5. Dear MTS team, I have a concern regarding the POINT - FREE THEME How do i do customization of the font size, type etc. across the Theme (Homepage, Single Posts, Footer, Header etc.)
  6. Dear MTS team, I have installed and activated all the 3 essential plugins and right now active on the child theme. but however, the Theme options are not visible in the Appearance menu.
  7. [Portal] Theme Color - Grey To White

    Thanks very much. Much appreciated
  8. [Portal] Irregular Read More Text

    Yes Jit, i would like to to increase the word count?
  9. [Portal] Theme Color - Grey To White

    Dear Team, the code have changed the color to white. but can we change the color of the menu bar header? I want to make it to another color. Please provide the code
  10. [Portal] Irregular Read More Text

    Dear MTS Team, The read more position is already aligned in one line. as you can see. 1. However the Read More text is less and more. It shall be 4 lines complete ? 2. How to change the font, color, size of the Read More Text and Read More Button ?
  11. Dear MTS Team, how do i change the color of the header (TOP) part of the theme. i want to change the GREY to WHITE ?
  12. [Portal] Child Theme Question

    Problem is - I have already made few changes in Parent Theme. How can i make the child theme now? as the original parent theme is already messed. What should i do now
  13. [Portal] Irregular Read More Text

  14. Dear MTS Team, If you see the image, the read more text is less and more. i want to have standard and uniformity. Please help. thanks.
  15. [Portal] Child Theme Question

    Dear MTS Team and users, I am new to Wordpress and i have been using the PORTAL theme since 6 months. I read about child theme but never known what is that. Always do the changes in the Child Theme is mentioned in these forums. I realized now, i did 1 change in Editor file and few additions in custom CSS file. but never made any child theme? What should i do now? How to make a child theme or what ? --- From now onwards where should i make the changes as the original theme file is tweaked already. Please guide me.