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  1. Hi, Fair enough. Thanks for the information. I thank you for your time and efforts.
  2. Hi, I understand that by giving a user a high enough access that the user can post and publish reviews like an author. But my understanding is that the user would still have to go through the Wordpress dashboard to post a new review. What I am thinking of is whether WP-Review Pro would be able to do something along the lines of what the plugin Front-End Publishing does (https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-publishing/) in writing new reviews/posts while also allowing the new review/post to giving a WP-Review-like "author rating" as well. Hope that makes things clearer. Thanks
  3. Hi, Thanks for your response. I basically want to know whether a registered user or guest can post an original review with an “author rating” without going to the Wordpress dashboard. I am not talking about a registered user or guest commenting and giving a “user rating” on a review that has already been posted. In a nutshell, instead of having to go to the Wordpress dashboard to add a new post via the back end, will WP Review Pro allow a registered user or guest to click on a “link” on a page (such as the home page) that will bring up a webpage to add an original post (which could
  4. Hi, I question on the WP Review Pro plugin. Does it have the capability of posting reviews via the front-end (not needing user access to the dashboard)? If so, can the front-end be set up so that the post provides the author to give his rating for the subject of his post? If not, are there any other plugins that would provide the above mentioned functionality? Thanks
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