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  1. Outstanding Support!

    Can't say enough good things about the folks here at My Theme Shop! The themes and plugins are well-built and dependable, and the customer support is second-to-none. Whether you're an old hand or a n00b, you can't do much better than My Theme Shop for your Wordpress.
  2. When I click on Appearance > Customize (any of the other buttons and links that lead to the theme customizer) I get the familiar left-side customize menu, except the only thing in it is an ad to learn more about Point. Any idea why I'm not seeing the full customize menu? Thank in advance!
  3. Thanks for your answer. I finally sorted out that there was a error in the wp-config file. Appreciate the response, though!
  4. I'm helping a client get their website sorted after a long period of neglect. Also, the person doing the work left without notice or instruction, so I'm playing catch-up - although I have experience with Wordpress, I have no experience with this theme or your company. Apologies in advance for any annoying questions. First: I cannot find any of the usual theme options or customization links. Is this a feature of the theme, or is there a way to access them that I'm missing? Next: The Appearance menu only contains Themes and Editor. Menus, widgets, customize, editor, etc are all missing. Clicking on themes only displays your theme, Point, as installed. No option to edit or customize. Is this also a feature of the theme? I realize my challenges might be a function of the 30 or so random plugins that seem to have been installed, but I'm trying to rule things out one at a time. **NEW: I deactivated all of the plugins and the same thing happens. The "Appearance" menu only lists "Themes" and "Editor." Thanks for your help and patience!