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  1. Hi! Thanks for the reply! Your products and services are always outstanding. Will be buing the theme and menu tomorrow ans start the installation! Appreciate your support if we encounter anything wrong. Regards, Kevin
  2. Hi! We have a very good experience with mythemeshop and your products are outstanding! We currently use the theme Point free version on tow of our business sites. We are now launching a third site and would like to but Point Pro version. Questions: 1. Is it possible to make the site load with the Blog News as default page making it the first page visitors land on instead of "Home Start Here"? 2. The WP Mega Menu is beautiful. We would like to buy it too. Will it work with Point Pro? AND does it work with the Point Free version we already have (if we buy more licenses of courses). Thank you in advance for your help! Regards, Kevin
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