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  1. If I have a site... www.mysite.com and I have this plugin installed on the blog www.mysite.com/blog Will it save all database's and entire site? or will it just save everything pertaining to the blog? Thanks
  2. [WP Contact] WP Contact

    hi, It would be great if you come out with a Full WP Contact plugin. I am sure it would be far better then what it is found out there now. rather then just the WP Contact Widget. adding Aweber, and recaptcha support would be great also. Thanks
  3. Compliments To Schema

    I am disappointed.... I am disappointed that my previous site which looks very nice that cost $50 is not optimized to perform, as I have consistently run ping tests, and test after test shows that my current theme is a dismal failure.... You would think in this day and age that theme coders would get their act together, and optimize their themes to google standards for best performance. Google is always demanding more and more from sites, and it would make since for google to punish sites, and reward sites if they are faster then the slower tier sites.... a pretty site means nothing if google dings you for having a poorly optimized site. I wish I had found you sooner... none-the-less, I found you now
  4. [Schema Lite] Installation Guide?

    Thanks, however, that is for basic theme installs... allow me to clarify... I need to take "everything" from site A, which would include content, images, or what-not... Install the new theme on siteB then bring over everything from siteA into siteB does that make sense? Thanks update: never mind, I just realized the content on site A is using some type of editor that is not native to WP. I will just have to bring everything over to site B manually then setup 301 redirects.
  5. Compliments To Schema

    Before I install anything on any of my sites, I use a test site, so I already had a low quality theme setup on the test site, and I ran the site site through pingdom, and consistently came back with low scores across the board, and spent many hours trying to figure out how to optimize the site with no success, every time I made a change, then 9/10 times it made things worse. I also tried many cache plugins to no avail as these simply did not make any improvements to the bottom line. Last night, I decided to install Schema Lite, and almost immediately, my site score went up a great deal, almost to the point of perfection. I made a few more tweaks to my cache program, and I was getting closer to the top, then I concentrated on the biggest plugins I was using, and disabled 1 that I felt could be consuming resources, and deactivated several smaller plugins, and that was it. Schema lite was able to fix stuff that I was not able to fix end result based on pingdom: Grade 99, and scored 95-97% higher then other tested sites. My next step is to buy schema, and hope I get equal, or better results, and Schema does look more impressive then Schema Lite. thanks PS. Before I make a final decision, then I would like to ask mythemeshop which of their themes have the best proven conversion success rate. What you like about a theme does not matter, in the end, it is all about conversions ie: making money, etc...
  6. I do not want to screw up my existing theme/site... Is there an install guide on replacing existing themes with a new theme, and widgets? Thanks
  7. Is your DEMO running on a CDN? If so, then that may explain why you are able to get "A" across the board on performance. I have always had performance issues on one section or another... sometimes I fix one, and 4 other issues pop up...
  8. Sure, the question is: If I install this theme, along with 20+ plugins, am I going to get the same speed factor that pingdom shows for the demo?
  9. The first thing you did in the intro of schema is brag about speed, so I checked it myself, and it appeared that the theme is fast as you said it was, however, I did not stop there... mythemeshop.com Grade: 71 Load: 1.8s Faster then: 72% of other tested sites. and this stats are no compassion to Schema demo: (I ran two tests) one test came back miserable at 13s load time. 2nd test (Schema Demo) Grade: 99 Load: 988ms Faster then: 89% of other tested sites Then I tested my own site which uses another theme: Test1: Grade 86, Load 1.26s, Faster then 84% of other tested sites. Test2: Grade: 85, Load: 1.35s, Faster then 83% of other tested sites. Test3: Grade: 68, Load: 1.39s, Faster then 82% of other tested sites. In each demo test, the performance grade always remained high which was around 99, however, the load time, and faster then other sites where somewhat random on all tests. I ran several more demo checks, and each time, the demo was faster then both of our sites, however, it is a demo, and the question I have to ask myself, do I setup a bland looking theme to save an 1 second, or be 3-5% faster then other sites? Please share your thoughts.... ps. just out of curiosity, I tested a site known to use Schema, and out of 3 tests, his failed the ping test, if you consider it a fail. avg: grade: 65, load time: 2s, and faster then 80% other tested sites. The difference between the demo, and his live site is that the demo most likely has almost no plugins, while live sites depend on plugins in order to achieve certain functions. If I install a bare-bone theme, then I probably can obtain fast speed results also, however, installing bare bone themes is not very realistic in modernization of today. Thank-you
  10. Do your visitors find WP Review confusing....? I have received a few emails saying they do not understand... they can not seem to understand why they can not vote on the first half of the review section, and honestly, I cant understand why I am setting this up to rate my own article.... User rating's should be renamed to Visitor Rating... I do not have users, I have visitors... Using the star setting, I notice there is a pretty good size gap between the last featured title and the user rating... enough space that could be used for a logo, or some type of ad space ie: 468x60 (something to consider....) (at least something to fill in the empty space so it does not look so empty... Bottom line, I think the adding the feature titles, and the user rating is somewhat confusing, as visitors think they would be rating anything they see a star, and when they are not able to click any of the upper half stars, they wonder why it is not working, then they do not click on the user rating because they think it is already not working, maybe a good idea would be is to have the user rating (blink) as to attract the visitors attention exactly what they should be clicking on, and maybe it help increase overall review ratings... Just a thought....
  11. hi, I have had WP Review installed for a week or two now, and I have yet to see any ratings appear in google. The plugin appears to work, I do see rating options on the bottom of the content, so maybe I have misunderstood some directions; Was I supposed to install anything else for the ratings to show up in google? thanks