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  1. Thank you one more question i have bought the theme - on the category page - for the title (https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Coupon) its says "offers & Coupons" how do i change that text to something else? beacuse the cataory i set up is Phones but it says "phones offers & Coupons. I want it to say Phone deals
  2. thanks Can the link parameter be changed to exmaple from https://demo.mythemeshop.com/coupon/coupons-category/electronics/ to https://demo.mythemeshop.com/bonus/bonus-category/electronics/
  3. thank you again. i have one last question - is there aw ay to place the coupon carousal within blog posts- i can see that it can be added to the top. but i was wondering if it can be placed within content?
  4. hello thank you for the quick response. does this cost extra? with the category pages is there ability to add text or does this require core files to be edited? many thanks again
  5. Hi all I'm looking to purchase the coupon theme for a deals website im looking to launch. Ive had a watch of the tutorial video. What I'd like to know is Can the homepage be edited slightly further theme then the options available within the homepage theme options menu. for example Id like to add block of text etc following the question above is it possible to create further customized pages using the features available for the homepage. the idea is to have multiple homepages (showing different category coupons with different text etc). if so how can this be done?
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