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  1. Ok Final question ... Can I create dropdown menus and sub-dropdown menus as shown in the pictures? My idea is to have, for example, within 'Social Media' or within 'SEO' pages that are like blogs (and not full pages). To conclude, dropdown menus that allow blog type pages on all options (and not full-type pages).... Thanks
  2. Can I create exactly the same? Picture on top and then text ? or just text?
  3. Final question Do I have the option of having my 'about us' on top right of the sidebar as in the theme below (see "Welcome" + picture + description) https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Authority
  4. Final questions 1- I will be able to create as many 'blog' type pages as I want right? Not just 2 or three? By 'blog' pages I mean these: http://www.topsnoringmouthpieces.com/snoring-facts/ http://www.topsnoringmouthpieces.com/reviews/ 1.1 - Can I change the URLs of these pages at will ? (in these cases 'snoring-facts' and 'reviews') Thanks
  5. Thanks. Two more questions: 1- Even though it says it's a html theme I can still use it with wordpress right? I can upload the zip file in wordpress correct? 2- If I buy it once can I use the zip file for more than one project? Cheers again
  6. Hi Can I make splash look like this? http://www.topsnoringmouthpieces.com/ Doubts: . whether blog posts will be different from review posts - is that possible? . whether I can create pages with no sidebars Thanks
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