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  1. Thanks for your good support, which helped me a lot!
  2. Hi, can you please provide me a link where I can order paid support for your Plugin WP quiz free version. Thanks, Klaus
  3. Hi, I subscribed to the support plan for free products meanwhile. Where can I place my questions for the wordpress quiz plugin? Can I also place sensible data like login etc, is there an option to set messages to privat? Thanks, Klaus
  4. Hello Jitendraa, a very delayed answer... Just to make things clear for me: I use the free version of the wordpress quiz plugin. If I buy the support for $ 9,00 I get support for one year? Is that correct? Is the priority and quality of this support similiar to the member support? Where can I select wheter I take the support just once or recurrent? Thanks in advance, Klaus
  5. Hi, I intend to upgrade to WP Quiz Pro, currently I use the free version. After the update to 2.0 I have several problems. Is there support for the WP Quiz free version too before I buy pro? Thx, Klaus
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