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  1. Hello. You have not got back to me yet on the possibility of developing a Polls theme for me. I have decided to put out this project on a marketplace perhaps someone could develop it for me although I'm still open to hear from you. Regards. JD
  2. Does your developers have any plan to integrate polls into the WP Quiz plugin or have a POLL Plugin with all the features found in the Quiz Plugin? If they were gonna do the Poll Plugin as a task - how much would it cost and how long would it take to complete?
  3. Hello. This is an example of a theme with frontend submission - http://bunchy.bringthepixel.com/ and http://bunchy.bringthepixel.com/frontend-submission/\ With frontend submission, someone only needs to register and create content. It's really sad that you don't have Polls - it will be SO awesome - any considerations to implement this and frontend submission soon? It's actually hard for one to go on creating content by oneself and that's why allowing the public to create their own content subject to admin's approval is the way to go. By the way, what's the forum platform being used on this page? Regards, JD
  4. Thank you for your reply. Some other questions: 1. Does this plugin have Frontend Submission? 2. Can the public create the polls and other content or is it left to owner of the website or admin? 3. Does this allow for Polls and can I limit the choice of the type of content I want created (in case Questions 1 and 2 are both yes) so that I can limit content to Polls only or Quiz only or mixture of whatever options I select? I'm hoping the answers would be yes all the way. Thank you. JD
  5. Hello. The idea of a plugin is okay but I wonder if you've thought of having just a theme for polls and quizzes? Solely for that purpose. Think about it. Regards, JD
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