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  1. I have also paid for membership the other day as well for a year... So you are saying i have not backed up my site correctly? By doing the following steps. using the musical theme. I go to MSQL and EXPORT data base. I then save files from that site from hosting in zip/ I then as a TEST drop the data base - RE uplaod the data base i exported earlier. Then re upload same files i saved. When i go to my site it SHOULD turn out how it was when it was live correct? No i have to go into APPEARANCE theme OPTIONS - and add back footer header image footer image, (
  2. Its not domain or hosting related
  3. mts_musical i currently am using this theme here . I want to buy new theme here is the issue. 1. i HAVE MY SITE LIVE 2. I back up my sql database 3.and files from hosting in zip file 4.When i moved to a new (domain) I was suprised it almost went back to the standard mts_musical theme i had to go in and change things back to how my theme looked is this a normal issue with all themes? or just this one? (mts_musical) Before i go buying a new theme i would like to no is there a way around this? or this just happens wih free themes? Do paid themes do the same
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