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  1. here's what my quiz looks like: http://feminineprosperityquiz.com/wp_quiz/are-you-missing-one-of-the-feminine-prosperity-points/ in the top banner above the quiz, there's the words WPQuiz which I can't get rid of. Any ideas why it's there? I didn't input that, so I assume it's part of the plugin? Second question, in the pro version, is there a way to trigger an auto-responder email with their quiz result once they finish the quiz?
  2. Excellent! Thx. Will the 'WP Quiz' disappear from my banner area on the quiz itself once I upgrade? Or is there a setting i have to attend to internally, and if so is there a tutorial for that?
  3. Hi there, I already have WP Quiz uploaded on my site now, and realize I want to upgrade to pro because I want SEO, if I upgrade to pro and upload it to my site, will I have to re-do the whole quiz i previously customized? What's the easiest way to do this? Thank you! Paith
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