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  1. Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the theme and figured it out, but I might not stick with it. Seems too limiting.
  2. I am creating a blog around a single health related topic. I only intend to write a review and endorsement of a single product. I want that review to appear as a sticky/featured post on the homepage, so that when people come to my site they can read through to the very end of the article without having to click a "read more" button. Is it possible for the full page of a post to appear as the homepage vs. a list of recent posts to choose from? I'd prefer for the "Recent Posts" list to appear in the right sidebar only. I'm thinking of downloading the Ribbon theme but if you can't customize the homepage of the theme in that way, I am open to suggestions of other themes, free or paid, where this kind of customization is possible.
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